A Snowmobiler’s Delight!

Valley County. Deep, fluffy and abundant snow, blue skies and fantastic terrain for skiers, snowmobilers, and outdoor enthusiasts alike. This destination resort area is just 2 short hours from the Boise airport, and the best kept secret in Idaho! The No Business Lodge has comfortable accommodations for your entire party, including parking for your big… Read More »

The Halfway Point for Winter’s Best

Choices, choices. Do we ski the deep powder stash at Brundage Mountain, or hit Tamarack Resort today? Well, the good news is, you can’t go wrong either way.  Snow is piling up in Valley County.  The top of both mountains have surpassed 100 inches.  So if you’re in Donnelly or McCall, wax Em up and… Read More »

Winter is Already Deep

The central mountains of Idaho are already piling up snow.  Brundage Mountain just north of us already has logged 100 inches.  This means the guests staying at the No Business Lodge are in business.  Our riders have been riding their snow machines in the silky powder right out the back door.  Whether trail riding or… Read More »

Gettin’ Hitched at the Lodge

Wedding bells have been ringing all summer at the Lodge! It’s such a beautiful place to come together and celebrate, kick up your heels and have a great time. We offer plenty room for the wedding party, space for camping, and all the amenities you need to enjoy your stay. Ten acres of wide open spaces,… View Gallery »

Pig Hunting with Maven and Ed Anderson in Texas

We got the opportunity to hunt the Rock Hill Ranch after Dallas Safari Club.  For  bunch of guys from the Northern Rockies, it seemed like a great deal.  We’d get to see how generations of Texans had grown up.  There’s not much public space in the state and it is not uncommon for sportsmen to… View Gallery »

Swedish Fish in Karlskrona’s Archipelago

Ed decided to bolt town all of the sudden.  Being that its duck season this came as a surprise.  Finally, we have the big cold snap to drive some ducks down and lock up water, and he’s somewhere in Europe. We got a call from him a couple days ago to put a fishing plan… View Gallery »

Carp Hunting

We had a tremendously low snow year in the West. Trout fishing all but shut off in the blue ribbon trout stream everywhere. And, just to be sure we knew, all the forests lit on fire the same time. We, at the No Business Lodge, will not be defeated though. We took to the boats… View Gallery »


The communist country? That’s right… we’re getting on board with Picabo Angler to head south before there’s a McDonalds on every corner. In February the boys at Picabo will be floating us around with Avalon Charters for a week. Each man will have his own boat and guide and promises to be a bonefish and… Read More »

North Park Moose

One of the great things about fishing from a kayak, beyond the freedom it affords, is sliding in on some amazing wildlife.  Though we spend lots of time in the Idaho woods, we never seem to get as close to animals as when in these boats. It’s such a pleasure to be minding your own… View Image »

Rainbow Trout Hen

Fishing at the No Business Lodge provides guests with the opportunity to find some incredibly beautiful and fun to catch trout. I was lucky to find such a beauty for this inspiration for this new painting. I’m really excited about this  painting for a couple of reasons.  One, I like how it turned out.  It… Read More »