Spring Recon

Every spring, in a top secret spot, huge trout roll out of a large reservoir into a small river.  Few, if any, know when this will happen.  Fewer still can get to the right water. Thanks to Jackson Kayaks this feat is made a little easier and a lot more fun. Steven Becker and his… View Gallery »

Good place for inspiration

For repeat ‘offenders’ of the Lodge, we return for various reasons. Some of us enjoy the quiet it affords to read or nap. For others it’s the time spent with loved ones or friends playing games or cards. For me, the time spent out of the Lodge’s doors has been the most rewarding. Not only am… View Gallery »

Getting lucky

Our close friend who will remain nameless (Steven Becker of New Meadows, Idaho) drank too much and was late to fish.  A River Runs Through It taught every fisherman this is something you DO NOT do.  Eggs and I sulked while we waited as a mack truck swam under the deck at Fish Eagle Base Camp…. View Gallery »

Sitting on a hatch

Fly Fishing is a game of timing, weather, and an animal’s instinct.  If you’re lucky, everything comes together and you get to catch a fish or two.  The North Fork of the Payette is no different.  We do have private water and so the fish see less angler’s tippet, but everything must be just right…. View Image »


Our fishing in the inter-mountain west is so contingent on water levels.  The spring run-off dictates water temperatures, hatches and fish antics.  If conditions are not just right, fish in Idaho are just like fish everywhere, they do not bite.  Instead you walk to cold, high rivers and get skunked (If you’re lucky, you get… View Gallery »

No Business Spring

The water is still a little high and there is a bit of snow still on the mountain, but spring is here.  The water will drop any time and the drakes will come off.  We will be there.  Next week there is a great contingent of good sticks showing up to the No Business Lodge…. Read More »


Whenever I’m talking to people about the Jackson Coosa, my tags are “Accessibility” and “Versatility”.  It is true that the boats are easy to move around, travel well and can get me to just about any hunting or fishing scenario in the intermountain west… and, what’s best, away from people.  The problem with the Jackson… Read More »