Pig Hunting with Maven and Ed Anderson in Texas

We got the opportunity to hunt the Rock Hill Ranch after Dallas Safari Club.  For  bunch of guys from the Northern Rockies, it seemed like a great deal.  We’d get to see how generations of Texans had grown up.  There’s not much public space in the state and it is not uncommon for sportsmen to learn in a “controlled”environment.  Rock Hill had a history of hosting “Exotic” hunts and was a high fenced ranch with feeders and we were fairly sure what the hunt would be.

We loaded up our rigs, (the Maven team has a sweet rig) and headed two hours to Coleman.  The day we arrived oil hit an all-time low.  All rigs were stopped.  We had known of the decline cattle prices.  That, coupled with crumbling crude, mid-Texas’ economy was depressed.  The Dairy Queen was the hottest spot in town and the Methodist church’s reader board told us to, “Be a fountain, not a drain.”

The hunt the next morning was as expected…. the feeders threw food and pigs piled out of the thick under brush.  A crack rang into the gaining light and before the sun could crest the scrub oaks we were done.  Just to be sure, we sat in the blind and froze our asses off for three hours.

None of us were sure we’d give up our elk chasing for the experience, but sittting in the blind that afternoon, drinking Rebecca Creek Whiskey and Shiner Boch, it wasn’t hard to watch the sun set over a stock pond.  And there, waiting for the day to end with good friends, it didn’t seem the style of hunting mattered.  Just being in the field and sharing the adventure is the experience we were looking for.

Ed Anderson gave us some of his sketches from the trip.